Kelly’s Hearing Success Story

Posted: June 30 2020

I discovered I had hearing loss in my early 20s and was devastated to find out that my career of choice would no longer be a possibility. My hearing loss was genetic, somewhat rare and nonoperable (sensorineural loss). I think from that point forward, I resented my hearing loss and pushed my issues aside, with the mentality that nothing was wrong, and I could get by just fine on my own.

In my thirties, I noticed I was having many issues and trialled hearing aids at that time, found that they were uncomfortable, and the sound quality was bothersome to me. I once again decided hearing aids weren’t for me and I could “get by” on my own. I really internalized my hearing problems, thinking that I wasn’t paying close enough attention or I was distracted. I was also stubborn in thinking that I didn’t have it “that bad” and that if I really paid more attention, it wouldn’t be an issue.

In my 40s, I noticed difficulties hearing my children, general conversations, and even just regular noises such as birds, turn signals etc. After a brief period in my 30s of using hearing aids and not finding them of much help, I decided to start researching what was on the market now that might help and who would be the best audiologist in Nova Scotia. Luckily, I had a good friend who was a speech and language pathologist who was able to recommend Dr. Jamie Coolen. She reassured me he was “the” audiologist in NS to go talk to. Still being somewhat skeptical after my previous unsuccessful use of hearing aids, Dr. Coolen offered me to try a pair for a few weeks and see how hearing aid technology had changed in recent years.

After 1 week with the new hearing aids, I knew I couldn’t live without them. The technology, clarity, and comfortability had changed so much. I can now hear sounds and conversations clearly without having to ask people to repeat themselves. They are so comfortable I don’t even know they are in my ears. They are practically invisible also, so no one ever knows I’m wearing them, and even if they do, I’m proud of them now and how much better my quality of life is. My productivity at work is better as well as my confidence level.

With the new technologies available, I can listen to my favourite musical playlist while walking, podcasts, Netflix, or even have phone conversations through the hearing aids with the push of a button. They aren’t just hearing aids; they are life aids. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without hearing aids now. 

My advice to others living with hearing loss is to not be stubborn like I was in seeking help. There is no such thing as “too young” for hearing aids. Do yourself a favour and find out how much your life can improve. Even if you tried hearing aids 10-20 years ago, go in and try out the new ones on the market – they are amazing! I look forward to continuing to rock them through my 40s and onward with the help of East Coast Hearing and Dr. Jamie Coolen. 

Thank you so much to the East Coast Hearing Team and Dr. Jamie Coolen for giving me the best service and helping me progress to the new technology available for Nova Scotians. I feel reassured knowing my hearing health is in the very best hands. 


Kelly St Pierre

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