If you find yourself withdrawing from the things you once loved, or avoiding social situations with friends and family, this may be one of the first signs of untreated hearing loss. Undiagnosed hearing loss can place you at a greater risk for accidental falls, and current research suggests that it may lead to an early onset of dementia and cognitive decline.  Modern hearing aid technology can greatly improve your hearing and positively impact your overall quality of life. East Coast Hearing is here to help you.

The First Step

We need to determine if you are experiencing signs of hearing loss. If any of the following pertains to you, you may be experiencing significant hearing loss: 

  • Substitution – “Did you say Bill or Phil?”
  • Repetition – “What? Huh? Pardon?”
  • Bluffing – nod and smile ☺ (What did you just agree to?)
  • Withdrawal – Avoiding certain social situations, gatherings
  • Speaking loudly – cannot hear oneself properly to monitor voice level
  • TV volume – TV volume is too high and you get complaints
  • Mumbling – you often blame others for not speaking clearly

Getting a Hearing Test

If this is you, the next step is to get a hearing test.

An audiogram is the gold standard of hearing testing. These are performed by our licensed audiologists to identify, diagnose, and quantify the degree and type of hearing loss that you may be experiencing

With this objective information, we are able to work with patients who exhibit hearing loss and provide appropriate recommendations that suit their personal needs and lifestyle.  A very important part of this process is determining whether patients are ready to start the journey toward better hearing. Intrinsic motivation is often a key ingredient to a successful outcome with hearing devices.  

Our Online Hearing Test

While there's no replacement for a consultation with a hearing-care expert, the case may be that you just aren't quite ready to take that step. In this instance, our online hearing test can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing.

Online hearing screener: Take our three-minute online hearing test.

The Next Step

Whether you think you are experiencing significant hearing loss, it is always a great idea to obtain a baseline audiogram by one of our licensed audiologists. When you are ready for this, East Coast Hearing is here to help.

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