Custom Noise Plugs

Too often non-custom (e.g. foam) noise plugs are not properly inserted. This results in poor noise protection. Also, many find that non-custom solutions don’t fit comfortably. Custom noise plugs are designed for comfort and maximum effectiveness. 

Custom Sleep Plugs

These custom plugs are similar to custom noise plugs; however, they are specially sculpted to ensure comfort when lying on your side. 

Custom Musician Plugs

The issue with most noise plugs is that there is an unequal decrease of sound across the frequency spectrum. This leads to sound being softer but muffled. Musician plugs are filtered to achieve a flat or equal reduction of sound across the spectrum. This results in softer but also natural sound that is important when playing or listening to music. 

Custom Swim Plugs

These custom plugs are designed with materials to best keep water out of the ear canal. Often these products are made to float.

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