Hearing Aid Investment

The price of a hearing aid has very little to do with how strong it is (power requirements/degree of hearing loss) or what it looks like (hearing aid style). The price of a hearing aid is almost exclusively dictated by the performance level. At East Coast Hearing we focus on 3 performance levels defined as Good, Better, and Best. When you invest more in your hearing, you are not paying for bells and whistles. As the hearing aid performance level improves, there are three primary benefits to the patient: (1) improved sound quality, (2) improved background noise reduction, and (3) improved overall patient satisfaction. 

Purchase or Subscription Plan

At East Coast Hearing there are two options when it comes to paying for your investment. The first and traditional option is to pay the full invoice amount when you receive your new hearing aids. An exciting new option at East Coast Hearing is our subscription plan. We are the first in Nova Scotia to offer this option. Instead of a large initial sum of money, you can make much smaller payments over 36 months.

Why do some patients choose the subscription plan?

  • Small monthly investment instead of a large lump sum
  • No unexpected costs as everything is included in the monthly fee
  • Always have the latest technology as you receive new hearing aids every 3 years

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