East Coast Hearing is a locally owned and truly independent audiology clinic.

At East Coast Hearing, our highly-trained audiologists offer a variety of services for adult and paediatric patients including hearing testing, hearing aids, wax removal, and more at our three clinics in Bedford, Dartmouth, and Halifax!

Hearing Tests

We provide hearing tests for adults and school-aged children as well as specialized auditory processing disorder (APD) testing. Our hearing tests are performed by our experienced audiologists using the latest equipment and procedures. Following the test, we explain the results in a manner that is easily understood. 

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Auditory Process Disorder (APD) Testing

Auditory processing disorder, or APD, is a condition in which individuals have little or no hearing loss, but still have trouble understanding or processing auditory information. People with APD may report that they “hear but do not understand." They may have considerable trouble hearing in background noise, difficulty following verbal instructions, difficulties with reading and writing, and may frequently ask others to repeat themselves. When this type of disorder affects school-aged children, it can negatively impact their performance in school and cause them to fall behind their classmates. 

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Ear Wax Removal

Removal of excessive earwax can be an important and often necessary service for optimal hearing health. Our highly trained audiologists use a variety of methods to remove earwax. These techniques include: manual curettage, irrigation, and microsuction. Trust your ears to the experts at East Coast Hearing.

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Hearing Aid Programming 

Hearing aids are customized to comfortably fit the anatomy of the ear. But the listening experience of a patient is also an integral part of the effectiveness of a hearing aid. Some patients prefer sounds to be louder and clearer while others enjoy a softer, rounder sound. As audiologists we are dedicated to balancing both audibility and comfort in order to create the best listening outcomes for our patients. To do this, we specifically program your hearing aid to suit your specific hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repairs 

At East Coast Hearing, we want to ensure you get the most from the investment you have made in your hearing aid.

We teach all of our hearing aid patients how to do a basic daily cleaning of their devices. In addition, we book patients to return every 6 months for a more thorough clinic cleaning and testing of their hearing instruments. These appointments are complimentary for all patients who have purchased their hearing aids from East Coast Hearing. Otherwise, a cost of $25 per hearing aid applies.

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House Calls

We are pleased to offer house calls.

Our equipment is portable and we are able to provide most of our services in the comfort of your home. However, house calls are reserved only for patients who are not capable of coming to our office.

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