Hearing aids are customized to comfortably fit the anatomy of the ear. But the listening experience of a patient is also an integral part of the effectiveness of a hearing aid. Some patients prefer sounds to be louder and clearer while others enjoy a softer, rounder sound. As audiologists we are dedicated to balancing both audibility and comfort in order to create the best listening outcomes for our patients. To do this, we specifically program your hearing aid to suit your specific hearing loss.

The basis for the hearing aid’s programming comes from the results of the hearing test, which allows our audiologists to make the best prescription and recommendations. In addition, we use specialized equipment (probe microphone measurements) to ensure the output of the hearing aid is appropriate.

Your Hearing Aid Evolves With You

Over the life of the hearing aid, the patient's hearing is re-assessed to monitor for changes in hearing sensitivity.  When notable changes are indicated in the level of hearing, the hearing aids are re-programmed with a new prescription to accommodate. We recommend re-testing hearing every 2 years, or sooner if the patient notices change. Hearing testing and hearing aid programming are complimentary for those patients who purchased their hearing aids from East Coast Hearing.

Reprogramming an Inherited Hearing Aid

Occasionally, hearing aids are passed along from one user to another. At East Coast Hearing our audiologists can configure your used hearing aids to match your hearing needs. There is a cost for the hearing test ($80) and for our services to re-fit and reprogram the hearing aids ($250 per hearing aid).

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