We provide hearing tests for adults and school-aged children as well as specialized auditory processing disorder (APD) testing. Our hearing tests are performed by our experienced audiologists using the latest equipment and procedures. Following the test, we explain the results in a manner that is easily understood. 

A Robust and Effective Testing Process

East Coast Hearing provides its clients with a robust and effective hearing testing procedure:

  • The entire process begins with an understanding of what has motivated the booking of the test (e.g., job application requirements, suspected change of hearing, need for new hearing aids, et cetera).
  • A detailed case history is performed (i.e., relevant medical history).
  • Next we measure how your eardrums move in response to sound and changing air pressure.
  • We place headphones on you in a sound treated room and measure the softest level you can detect sounds of various pitch (250-8000 Hz).
  • We measure how clearly you hear words in a quiet environment.
  • We measure how you hear in the presence of background noise.
  • All of the results are explained to you in a clear and concise way along with our recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hearing Tests

At what age(s) should you have your hearing tested?
We recommend anyone age 50+ obtain a baseline audiogram and to check the health of your ears. Following this, if a baseline test indicates normal hearing sensitivity, we typically recommend a repeat audiogram if patients begin to notice changes or are having concerns.

How much does a hearing test cost at East Coast Hearing?
We charge $80 for a thorough hearing evaluation.

Will my medical insurance cover the fee?
Many plans do cover Audiology Services. However, we do not direct-bill to your insurance for hearing testing. We provide you with a detailed receipt so that, if appropriate, you can claim this yourself.

How long is a hearing test?
Depending upon the patient, and the requirement for the hearing test, an evaluation can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes.  Typically, we book 60 minutes so that there is ample time to explain the results, provide counseling and recommendations, and to address any questions or concerns patients and their families may have. 

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