Reduced interactions with friends and family, difficulties at work, higher risk of accidents and falls, higher risk of dementia - significant hearing loss can be, at the worst, devastating and dramatically affect your quality of life. But it doesn’t need to be. Modern hearing aid technology can help you improve and re-engage with your life. East Coast Hearing is here to help you. Our certified audiologists have a comprehensive and thorough process to ensure that if you do need a hearing aid, it will be the best hearing aid to fit your life and specific needs.

Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

First, we need to determine if you are experiencing signs of hearing loss and if you are just what level of hearing loss are you experiencing. Click here to learn more.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Now that we've determined your level of hearing loss, we need to choose the right hearing aid for you. There are hundreds of hearing aids to choose from today. However, there are only a handful of devices that are the most suitable for your unique hearing loss and needs. Click here to learn more. 

Paying for Your Hearing Aid

The price of a hearing aid has very little to do with how strong it is (power requirements/degree of hearing loss) or what it looks like (hearing aid style). The price of a hearing aid is almost exclusively dictated by the performance level.

Maintaining your Hearing Aid

Once you have your hearing aid, it is important to protect your investment. East Coast Hearing works with all our patients to ensure they are maintaining their hearing aids to optimize performance. 

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